Tailor-made travel: what you’ve always wanted to know about it!

First of all, it's a niche market that is in full development. Secondly, I know that while most of you travel independently, this type of travel may interest you at some point.

What is a tailor-made trip?

Tailor-made travel is a niche in tourism that has developed a lot in recent years. This type of travel echoes a fundamental movement that we observe in our societies: a desire to live unique experiences, at least more personalized. Numerous travel agencies have specialized in this niche of customized travel. This type of travel meets several criteria:
  • personnalisation of the trip. An adviser will meet with you to find out your tastes and expectations. Then, he will be able to propose you adapted accommodations and activities.
  • It is possible to modify the trip according to your tastes.
  • you can also choose a guide.
  • some agencies offer other services such as 24-hour assistance, a personalised travel diary on your smartphone, etc.
In a tailor-made trip, you can set up everything: dates, flights, hotels, activities, guide or not etc... The price of this type of trip is of course higher than the "classic" trips that you can find everywhere on the Internet. Customization has a cost. I know a lady who travels this way alone. At over 80 years old, she still goes through this kind of agency. What she likes most of all is cultural travel. Also, the presence of a guide is indispensable for her. She leaves several times a year in this way. This can be a good compromise for those who do not want to go on their own.

The conception of a tailor-made trip

Like I said, a lot of agencies in this niche. I wanted to interview the head of one of them: Amplitudes. This agency was created in 1991, so it has been around for quite a while.

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