Island of Ré: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of France

Island of Ré

Ile de Re is a picture-perfect island on France’s western coast. Also known as the jewel of the Atlantic, the island is a UNESCO World Heritage site hotspot for tourists in France. Being an island, it is surrounded by beautiful beaches, ancient villages, and vineyards. This means that there is so much for you to do while you discover the island of Ré. Here are some fun things you can indulge in during your expedition.

Cycle the Island or Take a Tuk-Tuk Ride

As mentioned earlier, the island is very small. You have various ways to discover the island of Ré, including taking a Tuk-Tuk ride, cycling, or driving. However, exploring via Tuk-Tuk or bike is much more fun than driving. It allows you to access narrower paths. If you are new to the island, take a Tuk-Tuk ride. You can book them in La Flotte, La Couarde, or Saint Martin de Re. It all depends on the luxury vacation rentals Île de Ré you have booked. The Tuk-Tuks here are 100% electric and thus environmentally friendly. Depending on your accommodation choice, you can get picked up and dropped off after the expedition. On the other hand, if you have been here before and are familiar with the routes, you can take a bike ride. From one end of the Island to the other, you take approximately two hours on your bike. It has well-labelled cycle paths, and you will be comfortable hitting the road.

Take a Boat Ride and Explore the Beaches

Surrounded by beaches and seas, you can’t miss taking a boat ride. The best thing is that there are plenty of options for you, depending on your preference. If you are an adrenaline junkie who loves thrills, speed boats will definitely excite you. If you want luxe and sophistication, consider taking an inter-island cruise or yacht. Other options include organised fishing trips and water activities. Some of the luxury vacation rentals Île de Ré offer boat rides as a complimentary service. To take advantage of these offers, check with hotels with beachfronts. After the boat rides, you can also swim in the shallow waters or take a walk at the beach. Be sure to catch the sunsets and beautiful skies. These act as the perfect backdrop for your beach photos.

Check Out the Villages, Shop, and Taste the Wine

You cannot discover the island of Ré without passing through the ten villages. The Saint-Martin-de-Re village is regarded as the island’s mini-capital. Here, you will find some of the best restaurants, bars, and bistros. If you love ice cream, you will find ice cream shops here without a hassle. Even better, the village is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its waterfront Vauban-built fortressed walls and fortifications. While visiting Saint-Martin-de-Re, don’t forget to climb up the bell tower for panoramic views of the white houses. Other villages you should add to your bucket list include Ars-en-Re and La Flotte. The latter is dubbed the most beautiful village in France. It has a small harbour that allows you easy access to coffee shops, bistros, and art galleries. If you choose to live in the luxury vacation rentals Île de Ré at La Flotte, don’t miss the market for fresh foods. Shopping allows you to pick up souvenirs for your family and friends back home. During your shopping expedition, you can pick up a few jars of the island’s salt. Other items you can pick up during your shopping spree include designer clothes and accessories. While shopping, pop in the restaurants and experience French culinary skills. Being an island rich in limestone and marine alluvium, vines grow effortlessly. When exploring the island, you will notice that the vineyards stretch for hectares. You can explore them and participate in wine-tasting activities as you learn how the vines are grown. After your experience, don’t forget to pick up a few bottles to take back home with you. They will serve as the perfect souvenir for your trip. As you can see, there is so much for you to experience as you discover the island of Ré. From cycling taking boat rides, to exploring the beaches, the island is a breath of fresh air. It is the perfect place for you to take your vacation with your loved one or family. Besides the natural beauty and elegance, remember to indulge in French cuisine and sample the rich wines on the Island of Re. They are all worth it!

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