Beaches in Rome: the most beautiful places to go

Combining the beaches in Rome with historical visits is quite possible. Which beaches will you visit?The advantage of spending a holiday in the Italian capital is that it is possible to see historical wonders and relax by the sea during the same stay. Different beaches in Rome are also easily accessible from the centre, so make the most of it!

The beach of Ostia

One of the easiest beaches in Rome to reach from the city centre is Ostia. To get there, just take an Ostia-Lido train from the Lido-Piramide station and board for less than an hour. On the spot there are private beach areas with sun lounger rental and parts of public beaches. The beachfront is lined with numerous restaurants, clubs and other beach bars where the entertainment is lively in summer. A day in Ostia also allows you to relax on the beach and visit the ancient ruins of Ostia Antica, an ancient harbour shopping town.

The city of Anzio

One of the prettiest beaches in Rome to get away from the heat of the historic city centre is Anzio. Accessible in 1 hour by train from Termini station, this beach is one of the only ones in the province of Rome to hold the Blue Flag, which is a guarantee of quality for seaside resorts. It has a beautiful setting with golden sand, clear water and high cliffs that surround it. Part of it is reserved by private beach clubs and a large part is entirely public.

The beach of Santa Severa

Santa Severa is a beach in Rome that is also worth a trip, both for its easy access and its peaceful atmosphere. To get to Santa Severa, it will take you 1 hour by train from Termini station. This pretty beach is very clean and is all the more pleasant because it is dominated by the Santa Severa Castle which dates from the 11th century and which it is possible to visit. The advantage of Santa Severa is that a very large part of the beach is public and therefore free.

The beach of Maccarese

About 30min by train from Termini, then by bus to the beach, Maccarese is the ideal destination for those who want to sunbathe and prolong the evening in a festive atmosphere. Macaresse is indeed the meeting place of the Romans during the summer period. Let yourself be tempted by an aperitivo on the waterfront by going to the restaurant La Baia or by going dancing in one of the many clubs located on the seafront.

The beach of Santa Marinella

The beach of Santa Marinella, located near Santa Severa beach and about 50km from Rome, will delight surfing enthusiasts. This beautiful white sandy beach is known for its waves that can reach more than 2m. It is possible to take surfing lessons at the Banzai Surf School. From Termini, it takes 1 hour to reach the beach. If you are by car, take the A12 Roma-Civitavecchia motorway and exit at Santa Marinella-Santa Severa.

The town of Gaeta

A little further on towards Naples is the town of Gaeta (Gaet in French), known for its historical site as well as its beaches and landscapes. In Gaeta you can choose between the Spiaggia di Serapo, Spiaggi 300 Gradini, La Scissure, Parpadò, La Playa Caliente or the Lilum Beach. The beaches in this area are clean, the water is warm and ideal for spending a pleasant day with your family. To get there from Rome, you have to take the train from Terminiri station in the direction of Naples to the Formia-Gaeta station. The journey takes about 2 hours.


If you want to enjoy the beaches in Rome during your stay, it is advisable to use public transport to get there, especially the train. This way you will avoid wasting time in traffic jams, as soon as the sunny days arrive and especially during the summer period. To enjoy the beautiful quiet beaches outside Rome such as Sabaudia Gaeta or Sperlonga, it is advisable to rent a car to visit the surrounding area, but you can get there by train. Finally, in order not to find yourself on a crowded black beach, prefer to go there at the end of the afternoon from 4pm.

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