Advice for boaters before going abroad

How pleasant it is to travel under other skies, to explore unusual and picturesque places on the planet! Nevertheless, caution and caution are required when travelling abroad. Know the situation in the country you want to go to: neighbourhoods, life forms, access formalities, etc. Review the essential information to be collected.

The political situation

Remember to get the most accurate information about the country's socio-political environment. Does it face unrest or perpetual wars? What about the crime rate? Do the inhabitants properly welcome foreigners? These questions are of prime importance, especially if you are planning to move to a Third World or Asian country. For example, Thailand is a coveted tourist destination, with its floating markets, elephant reserves, streets full of temples and handicrafts. However, robberies and assaults have become commonplace in this country. It is strongly recommended not to carry any valuables and to store your money in a travel bag. This advice is also intended for travellers to Tanzania zanzibar or South Africa.

Identity documents

Keeping your personal documents on you is an act of caution: passport, plane ticket, identity card, credit card... If your holiday hotel has a digital safe, it would be better to store your original passport and only take a copy with you. Another thing: write down your bank details somewhere, on your iPad or smartphone. This would save you from financial embarrassment, in case you accidentally divest yourself of it, for example if you are a victim of a pickpocket.

Local customs and habits

Be careful to respect the habits and traditions of the inhabitants. In Luang Prabang, an ancient royal city in Laos, it is indecent to wear light or overly bright clothes. In Madagascar, the visit of the sacred hills ignites all tourists, but pork meat is forbidden under penalty of arousing the wrath of spirits.

Compliance with the instructions

In addition to local customs, be sure to follow the tourist guides' instructions on what to do and what not to do. The usefulness of these instructions is obvious for safari lovers who are practicing taking pictures of the lords of the African savannah. For failing to close the windows of their jeeps and driving off the marked trails, some tourists bit their fingers off: they were almost devoured by lions.

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