Why invent a travel journal? What can it be used for?

Aren't you planning to go somewhere? Work to create a travel journal, a document that highlights the experiences of your trip. Wander through this book, tell all the things you have loved: a superb fountain in Paris, a wildlife park in London, a Thai sericolous farm... Share your pleasures!

History of the travel diary

The travel diary bears the testimony of the sequences of life or adventure that we have lived during a journey in a given destination such as the one to be discovered on http://www.france-camping.info/. The art of the travel journal dates back to a very distant time. We immediately think of Châteaubriand who gives us his famous Memoirs or of Jules Vernes with his ²Tour of the world in eighty days². However, the pioneers in this field were the Renaissance painters. Tradition had it that the painter went on a journey to Rome, the capital of the Fine Arts, to perfect his artistic vocation by rediscovering the know-how of the Masters of Antiquity. What is the point of making a travel diary? What is it used for? The question is far from simple, since the authors do not pursue the same goals when they tell their journeys and have their own vision of what a notebook should be. It refers to a collection of memories that the writer strives to restore in a simple and faithful narrative.

What information should we release?

We recount the good and bad moments that punctuated our stay. Entire pages are devoted to it to evoke the favourites of the destination: a royal square, a museum containing objects and paintings of astonishing richness, a wildlife park that has made it possible to observe unusual species... In short, the author has great freedom of expression. The style is direct and precise, mixing narrative, descriptive passages and factual information. It is a holiday memorial, a vibrant work of passion, and reflects the author's personal appreciation of the country or city he has just visited.

To remember our holidays

As we get older, it is inevitable that our memory will fail and we will no longer retain much of the past! Hence the interest of drawing up a travel diary: because the moments of happiness we have known, we owe them essentially to the holidays! We make it our duty to keep and immortalize these memories, the rare roses that have been picked from the thorns of life.  Even better, travel archives can be scanned and digitized by creating an e-book.  Sketches, images, video content... The notebook is being modernized and enriched with the triumph of digital technology!

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