Solutions to stay connected during your trip to Spain

It's time to discover Spain for the holidays! However, one question still concerns the whole group: how to stay connected once on site? Should we leave the tablets and smartphones at home or is there an alternative so that we don't forget the Internet during our stay? In fact, there are several ways to stay connected during the trip. Technology buffs have many ways to get the Internet even if their operators do not cover the country.

Buy a prepaid SIM card

It is practical to buy a SIM card with an Internet subscription for a stay of at least one week. Operators may request several pieces of information from the subscriber before allocating the chip as a local address. In addition to that, there are packages that are specially designed for tourists to make and receive calls, receive and compose SMS messages and surf the Internet. The prepaid SIM card is therefore a temporary way to stay connected in Spain. Visit if you want to learn further more information about prepaid SIM cards in Spain.  For the disadvantage of this solution, you will not be reachable on your usual number. There is also the presence of poor throughput limited to 3G connection only. Finally, the chip may be incompatible with your smartphone.

Data Roaming

Roaming or data roaming has been around for several years now. This is an option that allows a subscriber to continue to use the packages offered by his operator during a trip abroad. In order for roaming to be possible, two operators will have to collaborate in order to share their infrastructures and technologies. At present, the roaming fee in the Europe area is abolished. In other words, operators no longer apply additional charges for calls, messages and data. However, the tolerable threshold applied by operators must be respected. In short, you can still use your current mobile Internet package in Spain if you are a European national.

Portable Wi-Fi rental

Portable or handheld Wi-Fi is the perfect solution if you need 4G bandwidth during your stay. The principle is simple: a mini router powered by a battery provides a Wi-Fi network capable of supporting 10 terminals such as tablet, smartphone, watch, and computer. The range of Wi-Fi is only 15 m. Renting the router allows you to get unlimited high-speed Internet at a rate of about 5 euros per day.

Free Wi-Fi

The most obvious solution is also the most economical solution for staying connected in Spain. Several places offer free Wi-Fi in the country. If you are staying in the capital, you can visit some sites to find out all the strategic locations. Nevertheless, it should not be abused since an open network is a hunting ground for hackers. Don't forget also that as a guest; you will have free Wi-Fi in your hotel if you request it.

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