How to stay connected to the internet on holiday without Wi-Fi?

Since June 2017, thanks to roaming, renting a holiday home without internet in Europe is no longer a problem. The European regulation provides for the use of your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, and even laptop at no extra cost. Whether for phone calls, SMS or internet you stay connected from any European destination.

How do you know if you have Wi-Fi in a holiday rental?

In the advertisements of holiday rentals, if internet is not clearly specified in the description, it means that the accommodation is without it. However, look nevertheless in the additional costs because it happens that wifi is optional. If this is the case, then you will have to turn to roaming.

What is roaming?

Roaming, also known as international roaming, is a feature of your operator that allows you to use your SIM card connected to your mobile phone or any other device with the local network at no charge. You can make calls, send SMS, MMS messages or access the Internet (Roaming data). When travelling abroad and in areas with poor coverage you will use an operator in the country you are visiting. Since 2007, roaming charges in Europe and the French Overseas Departments and Territories have been falling steadily. In June 2017, the European Commission gradually imposed a regulation limiting roaming charges. They have totally disappeared in 2017 as long as there is no excess in the use of data. Before leaving on a trip, check the roaming conditions with your operator:
  • Abroad roaming is free for 3 months without abusive use. You must not exceed a certain number of megabytes per month.
  • ┬áTo find out the limit not to be exceeded, contact your operator before you leave.
  • You will then be able to travel without worrying about connection problems on arrival and during the trip.

How to access the internet on your laptop?

If you need to work or watch a film at your holiday location abroad, you can share a connection from your SIM card connected to your mobile phone to your computer or tablet. A prepaid SIM card can be good enough to do this, visit if you wish to know more about buying prepaid SIM cards. Simply navigate to the settings or settings menu on your phone and activate connection sharing. The process is different on Iphone, Samsung or other brands of phones. If you can't figure out how to do connection sharing, you can always search through the many tutorials on the internet by indicating the brand and model of your phone.

Travel with peace of mind

With this new free service from your operator, travelling in Europe is easier. Enjoy combining mobility and travel while working and taking advantage of the multiple possibilities offered by the Internet! You will be able to surf the net from the beach or from your holiday rental as if you were at home. If a rental does not offer wifi no worries, internet has no more borders in Europe. We hope that Roaming will not stop at Europe. Internet coverage projects are emerging in the most isolated countries of our planet. And soon we hope to be able to benefit from an unlimited service with a tool of expression and information accessible to all. An ideal thought from the creation of the internet

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