Discovery trip: discovery tours off the beaten track

The passion for travel can be experienced in a different way by avoiding the usual programs for tourists. In this article, we will offer you an alternative to what is being done and which offers more magical moments. But first we will start by giving you our definition of a journey of discovery.

What is a journey of discovery?

We all know, the meaning of the dumot discovered. It is about revealing to someone the things they don't know until that moment. Otherwise, a journey of discovery is a journey where you will understand a country in its hidden face. The stay you are about to make will help you to reach this knowledge, at this unprecedented moment that will transport you into the lives of the residents. But know one thing, a journey of discovery did not simply mean seeing beautiful landscapes or spending the night in a hut typical of the region, but the discovery of oneself and of the other, one's understanding.

What you will experience

Discover the beauty of the places you visit in a different way, by experiencing the daily life of the residents and their culture! This type of package, with accommodation in a private home, offers you the opportunity to discover the country in depth. This type of practice favours exchanges with the population. The distance between host countries and tourists is therefore reduced. All this, while enjoying the splendour of the country and its heritage that they are natural and intangible. A discovery trip implies that you settle in with your host. You can help the latter in his everyday tasks and visit the surrounding remains. The atypical meeting with the natives is an authentic and unforgettable experience.

Call on an expert

To enjoy these incredible moments, you can ask for the help of a renowned specialist in off-road travel like Indeed, their expertise will take you away from the hassles of your next original stay. The programs it offers will take you to unique places that are not often visited by holidaymakers. For lovers of something new, the expert can even offer you a variety of accommodations such as cabins, inns or even overnight stays with locals. You will become a lover of the country and the sites you will discover. Your guide can also advise you on the classic routes if you wish. Safari, trekking, discovery tours of culture and tradition, this is what he can offer you thanks to his investigations.

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