Can you be a connected traveller?

Staying connected while travelling is almost self-evident for globe-trotters. With the current performance of multimedia devices and the widespread presence of the Internet, it becomes easy to keep in touch with loved ones. How to balance things out and better guide your choice in the face of the profusion of multimedia tools on the move?

The telephone

Pure product of recent technological innovations, the mobile phone, and in particular the smartphone, is becoming more and more popular in travellers' bags. However, holidays are made to relax and unwind; sometimes leaving your phone at home is the best way to enjoy the moment. In some less developed countries, the sight of your device can cause thieves to rob you or even injure you to take the device. In addition, the cost of making a call or navigating with a French map can quickly add to your budget, not to mention that the device is easy to discharge and that it is not always easy to find electricity in the middle of nature. On the other hand, thanks to the development of various applications, the smartphone makes it possible to communicate with loved ones at a lower cost and without much difficulty. It often includes a GPS, very useful not to get lost, not to mention the features that allow you to book your hotel room or find a good restaurant. In most major cities, especially in hotels, restaurants and many public spaces, there are free Wi-Fi hotspots. The smartphone allows you to read your emails or listen to your favourite music, without having to carry an MP3 player. Similarly, he can replace the camera by taking high-resolution photos that can be posted on social networks. If you decide to take a phone with you when travelling, you can, to reduce the risk of theft while remaining reachable for family and friends, invest in a basic phone by using a chip activated with the cheapest package, which usually costs a few euros. The battery of this type of device can last several days, and with a French number, you can also make online purchases. If you are staying in a country for a while, it is worthwhile to get a SIM card from a local operator if you find the call rates to France attractive. This choice will save you a lot of trouble in case of loss of the device. Visit for more about prepaid SIM cards.

The computer

The computer is a real companion in everyday life. According to surveys conducted by in 2013, almost half of holidaymakers are equipped with their cameras during their trip. However, the computer, even a laptop, weighs relatively heavy and requires accessories such as a charger and possibly a mouse. This valuable object is also likely to attract the lust of criminals. Because of its size and value, you will be tempted not to leave it at the hotel and take it with you everywhere, thus reducing your mobility. In addition, the holidays should allow you to disconnect from your daily routine. This is far from being the case with the computer that connects you to your work and all the stress that goes with it. Finally, you will probably need specific insurance for your device, as it is rare for traditional travel insurance to include it in its coverage. Despite these different constraints, workers need their computers, which contain their business data, even when travelling around the world. For holidaymakers, this tool also allows them to manage, store and sort souvenir photos. It also happens that connections in Internet caf├ęs are of poor quality, which can end up costing you a lot of money if you choose to leave your computer at home. If you really think the computer is essential, the ideal solution would be to opt for a lightweight laptop with a long battery life in order to avoid frequent recharging. Some current models weigh less than one kilogram. It is, of course, more appropriate to focus on those whose options are most useful for your trip.

What about other multimedia accessories?

The camera: isn't a trip without photos similar to a desert without sun? It is the essential multimedia device for people who want to keep an unforgettable memory of their stay. However, it is important to have a high-performance, space-saving and discreet device to prevent it from attracting the attention of malicious people. The MP3 player is particularly useful in long-haul flights, to furnish airport waiting areas or to spend time on long bus or train journeys. A real walking disco, it gathers all your favourite songs and allows you to relax wherever you are. The touch pad allows the traveller to consult the tourist guides he has previously downloaded on his multimedia device. It is also very light and allows you to access your mailbox. Going to the other side of the world for a while requires staying connected while travelling. Every traveller has specific needs that must be taken into account before purchasing a smartphone, touch pad, laptop or any other accessory. The ACS website gives you the best practical advice to avoid theft and optimize the choice of your multimedia devices when travelling.

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